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UFC 136 Video - Bruce Buffer: 'You Can't Announce the Way I Announce If You're Not Into It'

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Matt Roth continues his solid work for MMA Nation covering UFC 136, this time catching up with "The Voice of The Octagon" Bruce Buffer.

Here's the video:

Some highlights

"This is the culmination of everyone's efforts. This is what you call a very grand moment."

"It doesn't wear on me because this is what I signed up to do. So when I hear there's going to be potentially 35 shows next year versus 27 this year? That's what I signed up to do. And the exhaustion is just part of the deal if it happens. But when I step in the Octagon, there is no exhaustion. I mean, my passion takes over. You can't announce the way I announce if you're not into it. If I'm ever not into it, then I'll consider retiring. ...Bring it on, make it 40, I'm here."

I've made no bones in the past about the fact that Buffer is not my cup of tea, but I have to agree that he certainly seems passionate about what he does.

Watch the full video to hear Buffer explain how he is "in it for the younger fans" as well as squashing the rumor that Michael Buffer was in negotiations to announce for the UFC if he hadn't gotten a deal with WCW.

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