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UFC 136 Video: Frankie Edgar Says Belt Proves He Belongs at Lightweight

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Matt Roth has been getting quality video from all the UFC 136 fighters over at MMA Nation. Yesterday a video went up of UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar with Edgar getting into his third fight with Gray Maynard (and how sick he is of talking about Maynard). Here's the video:

Some highlights:

"...having to fight the same guy twice has brought the best out of myself. It's forced me to come up with I wouldn't say a different style but just making sure I have a repeat performance and an even better performance."


"Camp is what it is, man" Edgar said. "It's never easy. Whether it's a new guy or the same guy. If anything maybe the same guy is a little more challenging because you have to come up with a new game plan."


"I think me having the belt proves I belong at lightweight. I think it definitely erased some doubt in some peoples mind. I fought one of the biggest guys in the class, took his best, and was able to bounce back."

Editorial note by Brent Brookhouse: I was without internet last night and somehow missed that Fagan ran this last night. Apologies for the double post on this, but it's interesting nonetheless and if you haven't seen it already, I'm glad you are now.


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