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UFC 136: Chael Sonnen Denies Gameplanning for Brian Stann

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Matt Roth's been running around Houston, Texas this week, covering UFC 136 for MMA Nation. He got himself in the media scrum with Chael Sonnen following Sonnen's open workout yesterday. Roth has a great writeup over at Nation, but he left out my favorite Sonnen quote for the video:

I don't do gameplans. Listen, guys. You can take all these guys with their eighth education and their gold teeth trying to sit around and break down a fight. This is the most unsophisticated and un-well-thoughtout thing you need to do in life. Two half-naked men are gonna get in a steel cage and fight for the applause of a drunken rowdy crowd in Houston, Texas, on a Saturday night. We don't need to plan for this.

Like anything Chael says leading up to a fight, the truthiness of his statement is up for debate. Then again, when your MMA game is based on the power wrestling blueprint Mark Coleman laid out over a decade ago, there might not be much need for serious gameplanning.


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