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UFC 137 Results: Fights To Make After The Card, Where Do We Go From Here?

UFC 137 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on October 29, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.
UFC 137 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on October 29, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.

UFC 137 has finally come to a conclusion but that does not mean that fight week has ended. As with every event there are certain stories and fights to make. Last night provided many and I'll try and fill you in on what the UFC should do and where the fighters will go following UFC 137.

Nick Diaz: Because of his absolutely amazing performance, Diaz was given the next shot at Georges St. Pierre's title. This is in direct contradiction to the previous reports that stated the no matter the outcome, Carlos Condit would not get skipped. Fitting as Diaz was the original title challenger.

B.J. Penn: Probable retirement. He seemed pretty sure of his decision to retire last night. He has a baby girl and another on the way. It's not in BJ's make up to fight lesser competition just to keep collecting a pay check. If that was the last night we see B.J. Penn in the octagon, he made it a memorable one.

Cheick Kongo: Probably a fight with Roy Nelson. It wasn't an impressive win but a win's a win, especially in the heavyweight division. He further cements himself as the promotion's heavyweight gatekeeper with his win over Matt Mitrione

Matt Mitrione: Was this just a case of a bad night or does Mitrione have more holes in his game than previously suspected? His inability to stop Cheick Kongo's takedowns and scramble is a concern. It's the first loss of his career but with the way heavyweight is, he probably doesn't drop that far. Maybe a fight with Ben Rothwell?

Roy Nelson: Came in to the fight in the best shape of his career looking more muscular and carrying less fat. He still looks small for the division and may be better suited for 205 but he looked good. He still has an elite ground game and some big power despite the loss of girth. I'm liking the fight with Cheick Kongo. 

Mirko Filipovic: Retirement. He's had a storied career in both MMA and kick boxing, he just got old and lost the fire that once made him the most dangerous man at heavyweight. He'll always be a legend, it's just time to hang the gloves up. Sounded like he made that decision last night. 

Scott Jorgensen: Solid performance against a crafty veteran. Jorgensen has all the skills to be a force at 135, he just sometimes can't adapt to an opponent's game plan. I'd like to see him take on the loser of Bowles/Faber but that means he has a 50% shot at fighting his friend Urijah Faber

Jeff Curran: Not a bad performance with the constant stream of submission attempts. He just may be too old to compete in the much younger bantamweight division. He'll get another shot in the UFC because he was competitive and I'd like to see him against Eddie Wineland

Hatsu Hioki: Not the best performance but a win is a win, especially at featherweight. Maybe it was just octagon jitters and he'll be more active in his next go. In the mean time I'd like to see him fight with Eric Koch or a third fight with Mark Hominick

George Roop: In my opinion he got jobbed but that doesn't matter at this point. He lost and showed that he needs to work on his grappling because had Hioki been more active on the ground, the fight would have been stopped as he held dominant positions all night. A fight with Tyson Griffin would be a fun scrap. 

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Donald Cerrone: Donald Cerrone got some last night with that massive win over Dennis Siver. Donald Cerrone is now a top 10 lightweight. Let that settle in for a minute. Okay, so Cerrone wants to fight again before the end of the year and has called out Nam Pham. I don't see him making 145 but I do want to see him fight Nate Diaz. Yes. Nate Diaz is the fight that makes the most sense and most fun. 

Dennis Siver: Another lightweight who lost his shot at Frankie Edgar. This seems to be a theme as of late with Jim Miller and Melvin Guillard before him. Why not put the rematch they both want together and make Guillard/Siver? I like it.

Bart Palaszewski: I still haven't gotten used to typing out his name but after last night's performance I think it's something I'm gonna need to get over. He possessed massive power in his hands and his grappling is underrated. I'd like to see him against Mike Brown or Nam Pham. 

Tyson Griffin: So much for reestablishing himself at featherweight in the UFC. Missing weight makes this loss all the worse as Dana and company don't exactly take that kinda thing lightly. If and this is a major if, if he gets another shot, I'd like to see him against George Roop. 

Brandon Vera: Yes, he got a win. Yes, he needed it. But Brandon Vera has no business continuing a professional MMA career. He looked awful last night and in my opinion was gifted that decision. I'd like to see him retire and hit the seminar circuit. 

Eliot Marshall: He'll likely get cut after last night even though he shouldn't since he looked more impressive than he ever has. If he gets cut he'll likely retire as he doesn't want to go back to the regional scene. If he gets another shot it'll be against a UFC new comer. 

Ramsey Nijem: Looked strong at 155 and put on an absolute clinic against Danny Downes. He's probably trying to figure out what he did wrong last night that he couldn't finish the fight but sometimes you just face someone too tough to submit. Dan Downes is one of those guys. How about a fight with Sam Stout or Matt Wiman?

Danny Downes: He's just not athletic enough to compete in the UFC. He's tough as hell and that will get your far in the sport but he just doesn't have the athleticism or natural ability to remain in the UFC. I see him getting a pink slip.

Francis Carmont: Nice performance out of the Frenchman who just looked like a beast on the feet. He's naturally athletic and displayed some real strength with those slams. He also has legitimate power in his hands which makes him all the more interesting. This may be unpopular but I'd love to see a fight with Tim Boetsch

Chris Camozzi: He didn't look good last night. His one offensive tool was clinching against the fence. He did have some success with leg kicks but never really committed to them. He's now 2-2 in the UFC and doesn't really offer much besides being a warm body. He'll likely stick around even though he should be cut.

Clifford Starks: Impressive win from a late replacement over a solid prospect. He'll get another shot and could be someone to watch. 

Dustin Jacoby: He had a helluva ride this past week being on the main card and then dropped down to the opener. He needs to make improvements if he wants to keep a job in the UFC. 

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