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Kurt Angle Responds to Dana White, Claims He Never Made Original Statements

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The Kurt Angle saga continues. Originally it started with an Angle interview with a UK publication, where he said that Dana White wanted him to fight Kimbo Slice on a UFC pay-per-view on less than five weeks notice. White was asked about it and said that was not true, and that Angle had actually been offered a slot on The Ultimate Fighter 10, but failed his medicals. Sounds a lot more plausible than a PPV fight on short notice for someone that's never competed in MMA, right? Well, Mr. Angle responded on twitter today, and he's being even more bizarre than usual:

I wish the Some Media stop the untrue Press between Dana White and Myself.Yes, Dana and I Met twice. But We never discussed a Ppv with Kimbo
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What was talked about between Dana and I are Between Dana and I. I Love Dana and Will not Say things that Were untrue. Just drop It, please
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So, let's get this straight. Angle tells an interviewer what Dana requested of him (and even says he passed his medicals). White says he's full of it. Angle then says he never said anything like that and he wouldn't talk about what he and Dana discussed. Hmm. Unless the interview is a fake, which it clearly doesn't appear to be...Kurt Angle appears to have truth issues.