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UFC 136: Jose Aldo Talks Kenny Florian, Moving Up to Lightweight

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UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo did a short interview for a Youtube video that was released by the UFC, talking about his UFC 136 title defense against Kenny Florian this weekend in Houston. It's basically a highlight reel mixed in with clips of Aldo discussing the fight and where he feels he holds advantages over Florian. He believes that he's quicker and more explosive than Florian, and that Kenny isn't as strong at featherweight. Here's the video:

Aldo also discussed a possible move to 155 with the Brazilian publication Esporte (translation by Tom Mendes):

"The body keeps suffering with the constant gain and loss of weight that the athletes endure. For now I’m not sure (about moving up in weight). As long as I am able to lose it, I’ll remain (in my current weight class). But when I feel harmed by it, I will go up."

After watching that video of Aldo suffering to make weight at UFC 129, it makes you wonder how long he can continue to make the cut to 145.

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