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UFC 137 Results: Roy Nelson Stops Mirko Cro Cop In The Third Round


Roy Nelson has been hiding his physique all week, showing up to the weigh ins wearing a fat suit. He weighed in lighter than he ever has in his UFC career at 252 pounds. He walked out to the octagon to Bruce Springsteen's "Born In the USA" a departure from his usual "Fat" by Weird Al Yankovic. Leading up to the fight Mirko Filipovic hinted that this could be the last fight of his career, a career that included a Pride Open Weight Grand Prix title and a successful tenure in K-1

The first round saw Nelson find success with his overhand right and pushing the fight forward, often backing Cro Cop against the cage. The Croatian would respond with his own punches and kicks but it was a clear round for the season 10 Ultimate Fighter winner. 

The second round was the best for Cro Cop. Roy Nelson slipped following a punch and when he was on his way up he was just brutalized by Cro Cop who opened up with uppercuts to the head and body. Nelson survived the onslaught and a Cro Cop head kick to get the takedown. Once on the ground he was able to transition to a crucifix and reign down punches to Mirko's head as the round came to a close. 

The final round was Nelson's best of the fight. He opened up with his hands and was able to find a home for his right hand. Cro Cop slipped and Nelson was able to quickly take his back and rain down punches forcing the referee to stop the fight. 

Roy Nelson asked for a title shot after the fight claiming that he is too old to keep waiting. He is unlikely to receive the shot. Cro Cop announced his retirement in the cage. 

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