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UFC 137 Results: Bart Palaszewski Knocks Out Tyson Griffin In UFC Debut

Photo: Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Photo: Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Bart Palaszewski was a mainstay in the International Fight Leagues' lightweight division but never won gold. He then became a WEC fighter as a warm body in the lightweight division again never really finding success beyond being a mid-tiered fighter. Tonight he made his UFC debut against Tyson Griffin, a one time contender in the UFC's lightweight division. Griffin missed weight yesterday by three pounds, weighing in at 149 pounds. He was unable to cut the additional weight and had to give up 25% of his purse.

The fight was over almost as soon as it started with Palaszewski using his big power and reach advantage to pick Griffin apart from the outside. He landed clean and hurt Tyson and finished the fight by blitzing Griffin with punches in bunches. Griffin was out and Bart walked away with the biggest win of his career. It also was the first stoppage of the night.

Palaszewski is now 1-0 in the UFC and picks up a highlight reel knockout. Tyson Griffin is now 1-1 in the featherweight division and may be cut because of his failure to make weight. 

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