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UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz - Live Results and Play-By-Play for Pay-Per-View Fights

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz. Our live coverage will start with the beginning of the Facebook prelim stream (6:15 p.m. ET), continuing through the Spike TV prelim broadcast (8 p.m. ET) and finally through the pay-per-view broadcast (9 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

This post will cover live results and thoughts on the pay-per-view broadcast.

The solid night of action is headlined by a welterweight bout between B.J. Penn and Nick Diaz. Two heavyweight fights are on the main card as Cheick Kongo faces Matt Mitrione and Mirko Filipovic squares off with Roy Nelson. Bantamweights Scott Jorgensen and Jeff Curran and featherweights Hatsu Hioki and George Roop round out the card.

Our coverage of the Facebook prelims can be read here and of the Spike TV prelims here.

Make sure to come back during the event and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

The PPV broadcast is live.

Hatsu Hioki vs. George Roop - Round 1 - Hioki throws a head kick early and Room is trying to press forward and take him out of his comfort zone. Right hand by Roop lands hard. Leg kick by Roop now. Nice three punch combo by Roop. Accidental low blow by Roop leads to a break. They resume and Hioki lands a left hand. Roop lands one of his own. Hioki clinches Roop and pushes him into the cage. Roop turns him and foot stomps but it's switched right back. The clinch battle continues with Hioki continually looking for the takedown and Roop almost gives up his back standing. Nice takedown by Hioki finally and he is in side control. Scramble and Room gets guard and lands some big elbows off his back and Hioki responded a little bit like he didn't like the way that felt. Roop landing a few hard shots before the round ends. 10-9 Roop in my book.

Round 2 - Roop with a nice combination with his hands and finishes with a head kick that just misses. Roop is getting in and out very well here. Body shot by Roop and he goes to it again with the right hand. Head kick by Roop. Hioki with a trip takedown and ends up in full mount. Hioki moves to side control as Roop tried to regain guard. Back to full mount. Hioki trying to throw some short elbows. A lot of time in mount but not much offensive output by Hioki. When he finally tries to explode, Roop expodes to his feet and attacks while taunting as the round ends. 10-9 Hioki round.

Round 3 - Roop with a big takedown but Hioki bounces right back up. Flying knee just misses for Roop. Roop throwing a lot of kicks and Hioki shoots but Roop sprawls. Roop reached for a takedown which let Hioki lock him up against the cage. Roop turns Hioki against the cage and is landing some knees. Foot stomp by Roop. Roop's corner keeps telling him to go for takedowns and pressure against the cage, he's dominating the stand-up, they should want this to be a kickboxing fight as much as possible. Referee restarts them for lack of action. Roop with a takedown and he walks Hioki to the cage. Roop throwing a few short punches. Hioki working a rubber guard. Roop presses through the high guard and lands more punches. Roop finishes the round throwing a few punches. 10-9 Roop gives him the 29-28 win on my card.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 Hioki, 29-28 Roop, 29-28 Hioki. Hatsu Hioki wins by split decision.

Scott Jorgensen vs. Jeff Curran - Round 1 - Curran with a jab early. Right hand lands for Curran. The jab continues to work for Curran. Jorgensen with a nice right hand and now a takedown. Curran lands left hands off his back and his active guard is keeping Jorgensen from doing too much from the top. Jorgensen now starting to get through with short punches. Curran almost lands a sweep but Jorgensen keeps on top. Curran stands up but gets taken right back down. Restart to the feet by referee Kim Winslow. Right hand by Curran and now a hard shot to the body. Jorgensen with a takedown and Curran lands a few elbows as the round ends. 10-9 Jorgensen.

Round 2 - Head kick by Curran is blocked. Jorgensen with a nice jab. They trade left hands and Curran is really throwing some power shots. Curran with a takedown attempt and Jorgensen sprawls and has a front headlock where he's able to land some knees. Curran with a knee, Jorgensen catches it and takes him down. Curran gets up and almost catches Jorgensen in a guillotine but Scott spins out. Trip by Jorgensen and he's back on top on the ground. Curran tries for a triangle and settles for landing a punch instead. Curran manages to sweep but can't fully get on top and instead has Jorgensen turtled up and lands a few punches and elbows. 10-9 Jorgensen round.

Round 3 - Curran landing a few nice punches and he's doing quite well on his feet. Jab by Jorgensen. Another one lands hard. Curran is getting a little wild this round and it's letting Jorgensen get his strikes in a little better. Right hand by Curran. Curran keeps shaking out his left hand so he may have broke it. Leg kick by Curran. Jorgensen clinches him up against the cage, landing some knees. Jorgensen is clearly winning this fight but Curran is making him work for it. Jab by Jorgensen and a lead left hook. Curran lands a few sharp punches. Curran shoots, it gets stuffed and Jorgensen is on top now with fifteen seconds left in the round. 10-9 Jorgensen for me.

Official Scorecards: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 all for Scott Jorgensen.

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Roy Nelson - Round 1 - Nelson is trying to throw haymakers but Mirko is avoiding them with some degree of ease. Roy with a takedown now and Mirko gets guard quickly. Nelson landing an elbow but Mirko is doing a decent job of defending thus far. Mirko gets space and bounces to his feet. Mirko with a kick and then a hard left hand to the face of Nelson. Right hand by Nelson lands hard and it seems to upset Mirko as he fires a combination back. Big uppercut by Mirko lands. Nelson pushing forward and throwing punches. Mirko with a left hand. Body kick by Mirko. 10-9 Nelson but close.

Round 2 - Right hand by Nelson hurts Mirko but now he turns and is unloading on Nelson. Big shots to the head and now he goes down to the body hard multiple times. Nelson is bleeding badly now. Nelson is trying to walk forward and throw the big one punch and it's making it easier on Mirko than he should. Head kick by Mirko is blocked by Roy. Mirko pushes Nelson into the cage now but Roy reverses and is looking for the takedown. Roy gets the takedown now and is in side control. Nelson with a few short punches. Nelson gets the crucifix with thirty seconds left. Mirko trying to defend. The round ends and it's another 10-9 Nelson round.

Round 3 - Body kick by Nelson. Mirko is doing his UFC style circle, circle, circle and not throwing strikes. Right hand by Nelson lands. Nelson lands a few punches and Mirko was hurt and dropped. Nelson has his back and lands some punches and the fight is over. Roy Nelson wins by TKO (punches), round 3.

Matt Mitrione vs. Cheick Kongo - Round 1 - A lot of little movement to start the round but neither guy really firing off a strike for the opening minute. 90 seconds in and still no strikes of any note have been thrown. They clinch up and Kongo pushes him into the cage. Knee to the thigh by Kongo. Kongo keeps throwing to the thighs. Right hands by Kongo coming up just short. Leg kick by Kongo. The crowd is turning on the fight quickly. Body kick by Kongo is caught by Mitrione and he sweeps him to the ground but lets him right back up. Both men land left hands. 10-9 Kongo I guess?

Round 2 - Leg kick by Kongo. Mitrione lands a left hand. Kongo really looking to use leg kicks this round. Overhand right from Kongo is blocked. Leg kick from Mitrione, one in return by Kongo. Kongo opens up with some punches and Mitrione tries to fire back but misses. Right hand by Mitrione lands now. Body kick by Kongo. Left hand by Mitrione gets through. Leg kick by Kongo again, one from Mitrione again. Kongo pushes forward again. Mitrione is defending alright but it's Kongo applying the majority of the pressure. Uppercut by Mitrione gets in. Kongo is throwing his hands a little more now. Kongo with a leg kick, Mitrione with a leg kick. Right hand by Mitrione and I guess I'd give that to Mitrione to even it up.

Round 3 - Mitrione throws a little flurry early on that didn't land but forced Kongo to defend. Kongo with a few nice punches and now he scoops Mitrione and gets a nice takedown. Kongo in side control after avoiding a leglock. Mitrione tries for the leglock again and gives up his back. Mitrione manages to stand up though. Mitrione has a bad cut over his left eye. Kongo is looking for another takedown against the cage. Pure strength gets him the takedown. Elbows to the body by Kongo. Kongo remaining on top not doing a ton of work. Now he opens up with some punches and elbows. Mitrione trying to stand up against the fence but gives up his back. Now he rolls for a leg again and Kongo is landing punches again. 10-9 round for Kongo gives him the fight on my card.

Official Scorecards: 30-27, 30-28, 29-28 all for Cheick Kongo.

B.J. Penn vs. Nick Diaz - Round 1 - Penn with a punch to the body early and Diaz pushes him into the cage. They're working against the cage. Diaz lands a few punches, BJ lands one on the way out. BJ landing solid jabs here. Overhand right by Diaz and another very quick one. Hard left hand by Penn. Penn takedown, odd scramble and now Penn has the back. B.J. landing punches and he turns to side control. Penn stands up and Diaz manages to get back to his feet. Diaz looking for a single leg and Penn landing punches. Diaz goes to the body. Right hand by Penn lands solidly. B.J. witha nice counter and a solid uppercut. Diaz tries coming in with a right hand and Penn lands a few in return. 10-9 Penn.

Round 2 - Diaz talks and Penn hits him with two punches. Leg kick by Diaz and throws a right hand that misses. Diaz pushes him into the cage and throws some punches to the body. Diaz doing decent work against the cage here. Diaz getting warned for grabbing the cage. Penn ducks down looking for a single leg and Nick defends. Nice combination by Diaz. Diaz is starting to connect a little better now. Very nice combination by Diaz. Diaz is coming on now. Diaz drops down for a takedown and can't get it. Left hand lands hard for Diaz. Big combo now and he has taken the fight over. Penn is in serious trouble. Penn needs to find a takedown or something. Penn is getting tagged. Diaz just took over the second half of that round. 10-9 Diaz.

Round 3 - They touch gloves and immediately start throwing. Penn lands to the body, Diaz throwing a good amount of punches already. Penn looked for a takedown and Diaz defended. Two left hands get through for Diaz and a right hand. Penn is not going to win this fight without a takedown. Great job going to the body and then they head by Diaz. Penn still throwing back but he's getting beat up here. Penn with a big right hand. Another big right by Penn. Diaz with another flurry against the cage. B.J. is trying to walk forward and keep throwing but he has to do something really impressive to take this round back in the last 90 seconds. Penn landing now and Diaz answers back. Penn lands a right, Diaz lands a left. Left hand gets through for Diaz. Both men land as the fight ends. 10-9 Diaz on my card gives him a 29-28 win.

Official Scorecards: 29-28, 29-27, 29-28 all for Nick Diaz.