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UFC 137: Dana White Video Blog, Part 2

The UFC released the second VLog from Dana this week. The first video blog focused on the backstage fighter reactions to UFC 136. It showed that the sport isn't just about fighting in the cage and gave that inside look at the highs and lows a fighter experiences following a win or a loss.


The second video blog shown above focuses more on fight week and the fan interaction with Dana. It opens with Nick Diaz standing around waiting for the presser to start. He looks pretty anxious because it turns out the UFC PR staff had him down an hour early just to make sure he makes it on time. Fans get to see what a UFC media scrum is all about, with Dana talking about the perceived monopoly on the sport with the MMA reporters. Nagashima, a K-1 MAX kickboxer makes an appearance and uses his twitter followers to perhaps get signed to a UFC contract.

The highlight for me is Dana's interaction with the fans. He's been criticized by some as having lost focus with the wants and needs of the UFC fanbase. I'll respectfully disagree based on his interacting with a woman whose son has cancer. Dana makes arrangements to fly him out to a UFC event and cover all costs. He hasn't lost focus. He is more concerned about a faceless fan than possibly any sports executive in the world. Sure you have to put up with the "f-bombs" but in the end, he still hasn't lost sight of what's important. 

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