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UFC 137 Video: Nick Diaz Goes In-Depth About Press Conference Fiasco, Not Loving Fighting

UFC 137 main event combatant Nick Diaz gave a wide-ranging 25 minute interview to Ariel Helwani last night that covers a lot of new ground about why Diaz missed the press conferences last month that led to his removal from a title fight with Georges St. Pierre. He also goes into great detail about how he doesn't love fighting and doesn't understand fighters that enjoy hurting other people, and much, much more. This is the most in-depth interview that Nick has ever done, and he covers a lot of issues about his personal life in addition to his fighting life. Anyone who wants more insight into what makes Diaz tick needs to watch this. The two most telling quotes are the two shortest ones in the interview:

"I can't say that I love doing this."

"I just keep it real."

Nick, of course, will be facing B.J. Penn in the main event at UFC 137 this Saturday. Check out the interview below.

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