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The Ultimate Fighter 14: Team Bisping vs. Team Miller Live Discussion [Episode 6]

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Hello again! Glad you've decided to join our weekly discussion of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Bisping vs. Team Miller. So far the teams are finally settling in and after some shenanigans with John Dodson giving away Team Miller's picks to the guys on Team Bisping, it seems that things are finally calming down with everyone acting like professionals and not complete morons. 

Never mind, that's a lie. Last week at the fight announcement Akira Corassani and Dustin Neace came to blows when tempers flared and Neace decided to shoot in and score a takedown. Bisping condemned Miller for not having his team under control. He also told Miller he was going to murder him so take the whole "you're being unprofessional" shtick with a grain of salt. 

At the fight, Neace looked to have won the fight early with a heel hook. Akira tapped and Neace let go of the hold but referee Herb Dean missed the tap and allowed the fight to continue. In the second round, Corassani dropped Neace and then beat on him from the top until the horn. While Neace was getting checked out by the doctors, Corassani was verbally taunting and tried getting in Neace's face. Bisping again told Miller to get his fighter under control. Keith Kizer of the NSAC to step in and let Bisping know his fighter was about to be removed from the show if he doesn't calm down. 

Team Miller was expecting the fight to go to sudden death overtime but the judges gave the fight to Akira by Majority Decision. It was the first win for Bisping who got to celebrate the victory by watching Jason Miller's car get towed. There are now three fights remaining in the opening round. WHO WILL BECOME THE NEXT ULTIMATE FIGHTERRRRR?