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Wallid Ismail Interview [Video] - Discusses Bob Arum and Gary Shaw

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The fine folks at Middle Easy have found their niche in the MMA blogosphere as the guys that provide some of the most unique and hilarious content (in my opinion). They also have created a network of friends along the way that will often provide great interviews from around the world with some of the biggest personalities in the sport.

This week, in conjunction with Connection Rio, they caught up with MMA legend Wallid Ismail after Jungle Fights 33. The card took place in a favela and while alcohol wasn't sold, the energy drinks were flowing. Wallid partook and is out of his mind in this interview. 

There isn't much that I can really quote based partly on the nonsensical rant but also because Wallid is a fan of words that I quite frankly am not allowed to print. However, he does give some insight into why he remains a fan of the UFC and why he will always support Dana and the Fertittas. 

UFC is the World Cup. In brazil people use soccer language. The UFC is the World Cup. It's the biggest in the world. It's a 2 billion dollar company. Dana White is my idol because does wonderful things for the sport. These guys Lorenzo, Frank Fertitta, and Dana White make millions and millions of people all over the world making money and making a better life for their families.

The UFC does great things for the sport. No other show has these things. The guys in MMA should be thanking the UFC and should support the UFC because they are raising money because of the UFC's numbers.

Wallid is by far one of my favorite mouth pieces in MMA and this interview shows why I continue to be a fan of his. He doesn't always make sense but the discussion will always be fantastic. 

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