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UFC to Show Four Live 3D Pay-Per-Views in Theaters in 2012

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The UFC has tried to keep pace with technology when it comes to broadcasting their events. Whether it was offering HD broadcasts of their pay-per-views or using social networking sites to offer undercard fights, it's hard to fault them for the commitment to offering what fans want. They've apparently taken this to the next level starting with their annual Super Bowl weekend card next February, where they will offer a live 3D airing of the pay-per-view in select theaters across the United States. Variety has the info:

February's event will be shown in 120 theaters in the U.S. -- a good starting point for the series, Cinedigm chairman-CEO Chris McGurk told Variety. "The important thing is to fill up those theaters, and I don't think that's going to be a problem," he said.

The UFC experimented with 3D technology earlier this year by offering a broadcast of UFC on Versus 3 in 3D, but they haven't tried again for reasons unknown. They've also experimented with showing UFC events in theaters in the past and they weren't very successful either. It will be interesting to see if this can be profitable, and I'm curious to see what MMA looks like in 3D.

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