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UFC 137: B.J. Penn Video Blogs

UFC 137 main eventer B.J. Penn and his camp recently put out two slickly-produced video blogs aptly titled "B.J. Penn's Road to UFC 137".  The blogs also cover his brother Reagan's ProElite win in his MMA debut and some of the work he's been doing to train for his second fight which takes place. After an initial spurt about Reagan though, the first video mostly concentrates on Penn.

He discusses how he found out about his bout with Carlos Condit being pulled so Condit could move up and fight Georges St. Pierre (a bout that was later canceled) and he mentions that he was looking at other opponents since him and Nick Diaz are friends and have trained together before. The rest of the first video just shows Penn doing a lot of boxing and jiu-jitsu training in between interviews with a bunch of  guys from his camp. Here's part one:

In the second video (that you can catch after the jump), the founder of RVCA talks about how Penn was scheduled to train at their headquarters in Cali for nine weeks, but he decided to go back to Hawaii for a while. It basically follows the same format as the first entry, but there's more interview time with Penn and a better look at his personal life. It shows him on outings with his daughter, and there are more interviews with the guys from his camp. They're a tad long and the training scenes are a bit dull, but there is a lot of good content in both blogs and they're definitely worth checking out.

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