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UFC 141: Alistair Overeem Says Brock Lesnar Won't Make It Out of the First Round

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Fightstar TV caught up with newly-signed UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem after a viewing of Warrior in Europe. The Dutch striker kept it short and sweet when asked about his UFC 141 opponent Brock Lesnar:

Beware: If you haven't seen Warrior and plan on it, skip to the 1:50 mark.

"I'm very confident. It's going to be a knockout victory in the first round. He's not going to get out of the first round. It will not come to the second round. He's a strong guy, a very dangerous guy. But, I think I've got what it takes to stop him. And I got what it takes to stop him in the first round."

Overeem is scheduled to fight Lesnar at UFC 141 on December 30th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be Lesnar's first fight back since withdrawing from a bout with Junior dos Santos in June due to a second bout with diverticulitis.

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