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Ringside MMA 12 Live Results and Commentary

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Join us on Friday, October 21 for Ringside MMA 12, airing live from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on at 7:30 PM ET. The card will feature a main event welterweight showdown between UFC and Strikeforce veteran Paul Daley and former UFC fighter Luigi Fioravanti. Ranked 2011 World MMA Scouting Report prospects Michel Gagnon and Alex Garcia will also make appearances along with Bellator veteran Mike Ricci.

As always, tune in for the card at ($9.99) and join in on the discussion. Also, follow me (@lelandroling) on Twitter for instant analysis.

Ringside MMA 12
October 21, 2011 - Bell Centre - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Paul Daley def. Luigi Fioravanti via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Michel Gagnon def. David Harris via submission (guillotine choke), 2:09, R1
Daron Cruickshank def. Mike Ricci via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 49-46)
Alex Garcia def. Matt MacGrath via KO, 0:34, R1
Jason Saggo def. Kevin Morin via TKO, 3:49, R3
Brett Portieous def. Tommy Cote via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Francis Charbonneau def. Chris Franck via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Keven Tremblay def. Maxime Fecteau via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)
Olivier Aubin-Mercier def. Guy Poulin via submission (rear naked choke), 0:58, R1
Vladimir Starcencov def. Craig Hudson via KO, 0:59, R1

Previous fight play-by-play after the jump...

Welterweight: Paul Daley (28-11-2) vs. Luigi Fioravanti (22-10)

Round 1: Here we go! Both fighters stand at range, feeling each other out to start. Daley strides in with a long jab to the body, then a shot to the head that's blocked. Fioravanti throws a kick, then stumbles backwards as Daley presses. Fioravanti kicks again, and Daley fires, narrowly missing Fioravanti's head. Fioravanti shoots, grabbing a single. He lets go and presses Daley into the fence. Daley escapes. Back to center, and Daley stalks, going to the body and head, mixing it up. Straight-hook combo misses, and Fioravanti fires back with a leg kick. Daley with a punch, kick combo, followed by a body shot and kick. Out of nowhere, Daley jumps in with a knee that lands. Fioravanti grabs Daley and clinches up to avoid anymore damage. Daley powers out of it, then unloads. Most of the shots are blocked in the exchange. Fioravanti lands a nice right through Daley's defenses, but Daley continues to stalk. Fioravanti gaining some confidence and coming forward now. Daley missing and Fioravanti exiting underneath. Daley presses, unloads an uppercut, kick, then a rib roaster to Fioravanti's midsection. The body punch is the only shot the lands, but it was very hard. Round ends. scores the round 10-9 Daley.

Round 2: Daley stalking immediately to start the second as Fioravanti throws lazy leg kicks to keep him honest. It isn't working. Fioravanti shoots a single, almost gets it, but Daley sprawls out at the end and escapes. Daley traps Fioravanti, grabs his head, and start kneeing him at will. He catches him with one of the knees and Fioravanti buckles for a second. He escapes, clinches, and turns Daley into the fence, driving his weight to control him. He can't maintain, and they move back to center. Head kick by Fioravanti is blocked. Fioravanti with a massive double overhand combo that lands more air than Leonard Garcia. Daley with a left jab to Fioravanti's mouth, and Fioravanti answers with an outside leg kick. A minute and a half left, and Fioravanti is pressing Daley into the fence, but he can't do anything with it. Daley continues to stalk after they separate, and Daley throws a head kick, hitting Fioravanti on his torso and knocking him down. Positive it didn't stun him, just a slip or bodies clashing. Fioravanti lands a nice right hand to Daley's chin with ten seconds left. Daley seems to be okay. scores the round 10-9 Daley

Round 3: More of the same in the third. Daley lands a heavy, heavy leg kick, and Fioravanti is limping. Wow. Fioravanti shoots, and Daley easily stuffs it. Fioravanti's leg is dead now, and it's only a matter of time before Daley finishes the job. Fioravanti flops to the ground as Daley flurries, hoping to catch his leg. It doesn't work, and Daley waves him back to his feet. Jab, overhand lands and stumbles Fioravanti. Fioravanti pawing at Daley to keep him away, but he can't shake him. Body kick by Fioravanti lands clean. Fioravanti flops as Daley comes forward. Thales Leites in the house apparently. Daley with a switch flying knee that almost lands. Fioravanti shoots, can't push through the takedown, then flops to his back. Embarrassing. Daley with his hands up as the ten second mark comes. He knows he doesn't have the time to finish. scores the round 10-9 Daley, 30-27 Daley. Paul Daley def. Luigi Fioravanti via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Bantamweight: David Harris (6-1) vs. Michel Gagnon (7-1)

Round 1: Harris lays a kick into Gagnon's defenses, and almost knocks him down with the power of it. Gagnon with a pair of inside leg kicks followed by a jab. Harris swings for the fences as Gagnon kicks, nearly catching him. Outside leg kick from Gagnon now, and then an inside. Harris presses and goes for a takedown. Gagnon catches him in a guillotine, squeezes, and taps Harris. Michel Gagnon def. David Harris via submission (guillotine choke), 2:09, R1

Lightweight (Title Bout)Mike Ricci (6-1) vs. Daron Cruickshank (8-2)

Round 1: Cruickshank comes forward in the early moments, stepping too deep. Ricci takes advantage, shooting in and pressing Cruickshank to the fence. Ricci now working for a single leg, but fails to bring Cruickshank to the ground. He regains his underhooks, kneeing the legs of Cruickshank for what is likely going to be another attempt at a takedown. Cruickshank defends well, and he fires off a few knees of his own, barely missing Ricci's face. Cruickshank explodes out of the corner and separates. Cruickshank stalking Ricci and throwing heavy leg kicks. Ricci backs off, then buries his head and explodes through Cruickshank for a takedown. Cruickshank regains his feet immediately, but Ricci is on his back in the standing position along the fence. Cruickshank works his way to frontward facing, then escapes. After they separate, Cruickshank wildly goes after Ricci, kicking and punching him furiously. Cruickshank calms down and starts to kick from range now, but Ricci lands a nice straight left and a couple of kicks. Patient striking doesn't seem to be working for Cruickshank. As expected, Cruickshank grows tired and runs at Ricci. Ricci blocks the incoming attack and  the round ends. scores the round 10-9 Cruickshank.

Round 2: Cruickshank fires off some side kicks to the knees, and the referee warns him. Interesting. Did not know that was a rule. Cruickshank implementing a Makdessi style of striking. Ricci stalks Cruickshank, and lands a punch that has the crowd oohing and ahhing. Then... an eyepoke follows to completely smother the momentum. Of course. Back to action, and Cruickshank is throwing axe kicks. He isn't landing often, but it's frustrating Ricci a bit. Ricci lands a nice left and some kicks. Cruickshank responds with his own body kick, then shoots for a takedown along the fence. Ricci defends and keeps his feet. Back to center. Ricci with a nice body kick, then a duck under Cruickshank's clinch attempt. He grabs hold and buries Cruickshank into the canvas with thirty seconds left. Cruickshank can't scramble to his feet, and he closes his guard to hold on for the bell. scores the round 10-9 Ricci.

Round 3: Cruickshank's flashy stand-up isn't landing very often. Ricci finds a hole and fires off a right that finds its mark. Cruickshank comes forward, flurrying on Ricci, but not landing very cleanly. Two-punch combos followed by kicks start finding their mark, and Ricci backs away to escape the damage. Cruickshank with a spinning back kick that lands. The kicks are starting to add up now, and Cruickshank is taking advantage of Ricci's inability to use his lengthy frame. Ricci lands his own body kick, then a straight left that nearly lands on the button. Cruickshank responds by running at Ricci. Wow. Ricci drives through for a takedown and Cruickshank tosses him over the top. They get back to their feet, and Cruickshank lands a spinning leg kick. Bizarre, but effective. scores the round 10-9 Cruickshank

Round 4: Not much action to start the fourth round, but Ricci is visibly slower. Cruickshank is still hopping around. He finally lands a body kick after two minutes of angling for strikes. He follows it up with a short right, then a left leg kick. Ricci lands a left jab as Cruickshank comes in, but it doesn't slow him down in the slightest. Ricci sees that it's landing consistently, so he's throwing it incessantly now. Cruickshank's blows are getting blocked for the most part, and Ricci is landing the jab. Ricci lunges to hit Cruickshank, and he eats a kick to the balls. They restart. Ricci lands a body kick and a hook to the head, then a right. Cruickshank lands a one-two combo and a couple of leg kicks. They go toe-to-toe, then Ricci grabs Cruickshank and puts him into the fence with ten seocnds remaining. Ricci lands a couple of weak knees, but nothing significant. scores the round 10-9 Ricci

Round 5: Ricci lands a straight left to start. Cruickshank with a pair of leg kicks. More jabbing from Ricci with nothing landing. Then he shoots, and Cruickshank gets dumped by an impressive double leg. Cruickshank sneaks underneath Ricci and latches onto Ricci's body in reverse. No inverted triangle attempts here though. Ricci beats on him, and Cruickshank gets the fight back into his closed guard. Surprisingly, Cruickshank escapes and gets to his feet in one motion. Cruickshank unleashed a flurry as they separate, and now they are toe-to-toe at center. Ricci explodes through Cruickshank for another takedown, landing in his closed guard. Ricci maintains control for the remainder of the round, battering Cruickshank from the top, although nothing significant. scores the round 10-9 Ricci, 48-47 Ricci. Daron Cruickshank def. Mike Ricci via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 49-46)

Welterweight: Alex Garcia (6-1) vs. Matt MacGrath (10-6)

Round 1: Both men start at center with caution, not diving into action right away. Garcia charges... and, wow, holy... Garcia missed a left, MacGrath ducked underneath to shoot, and Garcia blew through him as MacGrath tried to knee him. As soon as he hit the ground. Garcia starched him with a left to the chin followed by more shots. He was out after the first punch. Alex Garcia def. Matt MacGrath via KO, 0:34, R1

Lightweight: Kevin Morin (5-3) vs. Jason Saggo (5-1)

Round 1: Morin starts strong, buckling Saggo instantly. Saggo looks okay however, settling back in on the feet. Perhaps it only glanced. Morin is by far the harder puncher here, aggressively seeking the chin on his opponent early. Saggo is way more cautious, backing away and not throwing very hard. Saggo shoots underneath a Morin uppercut, and Morin moves to defend against getting dumped. He backs into the fence, evading Saggo's attempt. They separate. Morin surprisingly shoots, and Saggo catches his head. Morin defends, then tosses Saggo to the ground with ease. Morin throwing down heavy ground and pound from the top, cartwheeling over guard at one point. Saggo sees an opening and gets back to his feet. Morin dumps his weight on Saggo, but Saggo reverses and dumps Morin onto his back. Morin is in a bad position now as Saggo works his leg out of half into side control. He completes the transition, then uses his long limbs to transition to a beautiful back mount with a body triangle. scores the round 10-9 Jason Saggo

Round 2: After jockeying for position for most of the round, Saggo finds his way back into side control two minutes into the round. Morin, this time, defends nicely, grasping a leg and dumping Saggo to his back. Morin works to top control, but Saggo uses his long limbs to initiate mission control. Morin's arm is caught, and Saggo uses the omoplata to roll Morin. Morin rolls right back to where he was, but Saggo escapes to his feet briefly. Morin takes him down in the scramble. Morin does nothing from the top, and Saggo grapples his way out of danger. Saggo works over Morin for the rest of the round, bloodying him up and nearly pulling off an armbar in the final scores the round 10-9 Jason Saggo

Round 3: Morin fires off the jab to start, then gets eye poked. Saggo acknowledges it, but the referee doesn't care. Morin chucking Leonard Garcia strikes now, missing badly, and Saggo sneaks in underneath to take Morin to the fence. He easily dumps Morin, then takes his back. He sinks in the hooks and begins raining down punches to the side of Morin's head. Saggo turns his hips as if he's going to transition to the arm, but he maintains the back while Morin tries to get up. Saggo's weight keeps him in position, and Morin is being worked over badly here. Saggo finds space and blasts Morin hard to the face. Referee steps up, but Morin moves enough to avoid more damage. More damage. More... and the referee stops it. Jason Saggo def. Kevin Morin via TKO, 3:49, R3

Featherweight: Brett Portieous (2-2) vs. Tommy Cote (2-2)

Round 1: Both fighters come out firing, but Portieous gets the early advantage with a double leg takedown into the fence. Cote defends, working his way back to his feet, but Portieous uses his strength to pick up Cote and slam him. Portieous does nothing with it, and the referee stands the fighters back up. Back at center, Portieous shoots and scrambles for the takedown, gaining top control immediately. He passes to side control, the mounts Cote with a minute and thirty seconds left in the round. Cote rolls, and Portieous takes the back. Cote continues to roll, attempting to buck Portieous while simultaneously defending the choke. It's working, but he can't shake scores the round 10-9 Brett Portieous

Round 2: More of the same to start the second as Portieous gets an immediate takedown. He moves to half guard from closed guard, then steps over. Cote nearly sweeps Portieous, but Portieous maintains control and completes the transition to side control. Portieous trying to step over the mount. Unfortunately, a hovering referee is telling him to work and time is running out. Cote scrambles and almost stands up, and Portieous resets to half. He transitions back to side, and the referee has grown tired. He stands it up. Portieous immediately dumps Cote. Sigh. Cote eventually reverses the position, finally getting top control for only a few seconds. Portieous threatens with a triangle attempt, so Cote picks him up as if he's going to slam him. Portieous lets go. Cote lands a couple of stiff blows before the bell, but it isn't enough. scores the round 10-9 Brett Portieous

Round 3: Portieous takes down Cote instantly, then gets swept. He threatens with a choke briefly, but Cote opens up and starts landing some ground and pound. Portieous throws his legs up, trying to latch onto an arm. He misses, and Cote makes him pay. Cote now landing solid blows from the top. He stands up out of guard and bombs Portieous, passing guard in the process. Cote is pouring it on as the round progresses, beating Portieous relentlessly with only 45 ticks left now. He's working for the finish, but time may run out. Portieous is doing just enough to avoid damage. Round ends. scores the round 10-9 Tommy Cote, 29-28 Portieous

Brett Portieous def. Tommy Cote via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Welterweight: Chris Franck (1-1) vs. Francis Charbonneau (1-1)

Round 1: A lot of French following by "rising star" is being spoken about Franck. Franck is clowning on Charbonneau already. Weird. Franck throwing push kicks at the legs of Charbonneau, similarly to how Jones threw them at Jackson. He then moves to the clinch and trips Charbonneau to his back. Franck is much bigger than Charbonneau, smother him along the fence. Charbonneau somehow escapes to Franck's back, but Franck easily explodes to his feet. A clinch battle ensues, Franck landing knees and Charbonneau landing punches over the top. They separate and unload on each other. Solid shots land cleanly for both men, and as Franck picks up momentum -- he ballshots Charbonneau. After the recovery period, Franck runs at Charbonneau with a flying kick, then an aggressive attempt to take him down. It works, and he gets him to the floor. Unfortunately, Franck can't maintain, and he allows Charbonneau to get into top control. Too little, too late to win the round. scores the round 10-9 Chris Franck.

Round 2: A ballshot opens the second. Franck gets time to recover, and they restart. Charbonneau nearly downs Franck with a glancing head kick, and Franck answers with a glancing ball shot. Hilarious. Both men now looking like gassed heavyweights, lazily tossing legs into the air. They clinch up, and Charbonneau lands a few punches and knees. Franck separates and unloads, and both men go toe-to-toe, exchanging blows. This is getting crazy. Franck presses the action briefly, pushing Charbonneau back to the fence with kicks, but Charbonneau comes right back. Charbonneau angles Franck into the fence, clinches, and dumps him with two minutes remaining. Charbonneau works from the top for the remainder of the round, landing short shots to easily take the round. scores the round 10-9 Francis Charbonneau 

Round 3: Franck clinches to start the third, burying a few knees into the midsection of Charbonneau before dumping him briefly. Charbonneau pops back up to his feet, pressing Franck into the cage and sliding his hands down to attempt a double leg. Franck defends poorly, allowing Charbonneau to pull a leg out and dump him. Franck has no gas left to stop Charbonneau, and Charbonneau eventually passes to half guard from the closed guard. Franck isn't even trying now. His guard is wide open, and Charbonneau is so tired that he isn't moving to full mount. Finally! Charbonneau moves to mount, then tries to sink in a rear naked choke from the position. What? Franck tries to get half guard back, but in the process of rolling, gives his back up. Thirty seconds left, Charbonneau can't sink in the choke, but he's easily won the round and the fight on my card. scores the round 10-9 Francis Charbonneau, 29-28 Charbonneau

Francis Charbonneau def. Chris Franck via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Bantamweight: Maxime Fecteau (2-2) vs. Keven Tremblay (1-1)

Round 1: Fecteau instantly pushes Tremblay into the fence to start the fight. Tremblay, after some jockeying for position, pushes back, putting the two fighters into the center of the cage. Tremblay presses to the fence, and the ensuing scramble sees Tremblay advantageously dump Fecteau for a split second. He regains his feet, and the struggle continues with both fighters trying to bury the other into the canvas. Fecteau finally lands a nice knee, but Tremblay reverses the position. Halfway through the round, Fecteau latches on a standing, arm-in guillotine choke along the fence, but it isn't tight. Tremblay is still caught, although he has an escape route. Fecteau turns Tremblay into the fence, putting his back on it to leverage more power for the choke. It almost works, and Fecteau releases one arm and buries a knee into Tremblay's face. Tremblay is being eaten alive by knees in the clinch. He briefly escapes, then gets caught in the clinch again. As expected, Fecteau bombards him with knees. Tremblay finds a way to Fecteau's back after a brief struggle on the fence, but it's too late. scores the round 10-9 for Maxime Fecteau.

Round 2: Tremblay is visibly more cautious to start the second, attempting to damage Fecteau from range while avoiding the clinch. His speed is frustrating Fecteau in the early minute, landing some glancing jabs and front kicks. Tremblay now going into Muay Thai beast mode, bombing Fecteau with three-punch combos followed up with a heavy leg kick. He lands the same flurry twice, then Fecteau answers by clinching. Like the first, Fecteau finds some success landing knees. Tremblay escapes before it gets too dangerous, moving back to the center of the ring. An overhand right lands for Tremblay, then a nice combination. Fecteau answers with a clean punch off the chin, slightly dazing Tremblay. Tremblay seems okay and continues to strike. Near the end of the round, both men tangle along the fence, and Tremblay comes out in top control. scores the round 10-9 Keven Tremblay

Round 3: Snowden just cringed somewhere. Tremblay and Fecteau brohug to start. Tremblay starts where left off with a nice punch-kick combo. Fecteau returns fire, landing a solid right to Tremblay's dome. Tremblay responds, but transitions from the stand-up to the ground mid-flurry. Fecteau nicely defends, backing into the fence to maintain his legs. Both men scramble for position, neither getting the better position. They separate. Fecteau now seeing that Tremblay is bursting with his combinations, so he's grabbing Tremblay as he comes in, ducking under his attack. Fecteau stalking Tremblay now. Tremblay is literally running away, what the hell... He turns around and fires off a combo. Fecteau chases him down, Tremblay evades, then turns and runs. Fecteau then attempts to land a flying kick that barely misses. He falls to the ground however, and Tremblay gains the top position. Tremblay rides out the round, although he certainly didn't sway my vote. scores the round 10-9 Maxime Fecteau, 29-28 Fecteau.

Keven Tremblay def. Maxime Fecteau via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Lightweight: Olivier Aubin-Mercier (0-0) vs. Guy Poulin (1-0)

Round 1: Poulin lands a couple of leg kicks early, and Mercier buries a straight punch into his chin. Poulin is hurt already, and Mercier pounces. He beats on Poulin until he crumples to the ground, giving his back up. Mercier mounts the back effortlessly and sinks in the choke for the tap. Olivier Aubin-Mercier def. Guy Poulin via submission (rear naked choke), 0:58, R1

Heavyweight: Vladimir Starcencov (0-0) vs. Craig Hudson (0-0)

Round 1: Hudson starts the action immediately with a few leg kicks to Starcencov's base. Starcencov moves forward, and Hudson's chin is high in the air. This could be over quick if that continues. They clinch briefly, separate, and Starcencov sails a straight punch down the pipe. He lands, and lands another. Hudson's chin is getting even higher in the air now. And Starcencov lands a booming overhand right that floors Hudson. Fight over. Vladimir Starcencov def. Craig Hudson via KO, 0:59, Round 1.