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UFC 137: Roy Nelson Working With Frank Mir to Prepare for Mirko Cro Cop

Image via Roy Nelson's twitter
Image via Roy Nelson's twitter

Back at UFC 130 Roy Nelson faced off with Frank Mir, and Mir won handily. In what seems like a strange twist, Nelson told NBC Sports that he has actually brought Mir into his camp to prepare for Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at next weekend's UFC 137 event in Las Vegas:

This one actually just fell in place. He was a southie, (like) Cro Cop, and me being a good jiu-jitsu guy, like Nogueira, so it was just a perfect fit," Nelson said.

"There's nothing strange about it. I think everybody in MMA, paths always cross, especially if you've been in this sport as long as we both have."

It's actually not that strange, as Nelson stated he has worked with Mir in the past as well. And it makes sense considering that Mir knocked out Cro Cop at UFC 119. Nelson apparently will also bring a secret weapon the cage with him in Vegas - a beard:

"My hair has grown out a little longer. My beard is a little longer. So definitely, we're going to see a different Roy Nelson," he said.

He tried to avoid questions about his weight, but eventually Nelson said he was 262 on Wednesday. Coming off of two straight losses, Nelson badly needs a win and hopes the power of the beard will propel him to victory.

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