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Paulo Filho Allegedly Dealing With Drug and Money Issues, Might Retire

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Former WEC middleweight champion Paulo Filho has seen his life and career spiral out of control over the past few years for a variety of reasons, but mainly because of drugs. Lately he has been in a large dispute with his alleged manager and friend Rodrigo Riscada over money and Paulo's addiction to rohypnol. Filho says Riscada is full of it and hasn't paid him for his last two bouts.

A lot of Riscada's claims are covered in this PVT article. It's in Portuguese, but the basic idea is that Riscada claims that Filho has massive drug addiction issues and will die if he doesn't stop, and that he doesn't owe him any money because it all went to pharmacy bills and to purchase pit bulls and roosters. He also later stated that Filho had entered rehab. You can catch a rough translation of the article here.

Well, Paulo came back and did an interview with Tatame yesterday, and while he admitted that he has a problem with roofies, he denies entering rehab and still says he's owed money. He also goes on to talk about his career which is currently on a major downswing, having gone 2-3-2 in his last seven fights. Basically, he says that he's seriously considering retirement after his KSW bout with Mamed Khalidov next month. And he might not even make that fight:

What about your career? Are you already back to training or will take a time out to train more?


I’m choosing or retirement, man… I may fight in November (in Poland) because I already signed the contract, after that I will retire. I don’t want this anymore.


This will be the last fight of your career? Don’t you think a win over Khalidov should give an extra motivation to get back?

No, no… I’m kind of disappointed with this stuff, fighting and not getting paid… I don’t want people comforting me, I just want what is mine. That’s the third time I fight and not get paid. I was the threatened of death by people I own here in Niteroi.

 It's an extremely complicated situation with all the back-and-forth between Filho and Riscada, but the basic points are these. Paulo has a drug problem. Paulo doesn't choose his friends wisely. Paulo's career is effectively over. Paulo likes roosters.

Filho, who was at one point the number two middleweight in the world, is likely best remembered as the bewildering and disappointing guy who showed up overweight at WEC 36 and turned his bout with Chael Sonnen into a non-title fight. In that bout, he appeared to be talking to himself (or to some other imaginary person) and completely refused to engage for the whole fight. It was still one of the most bizarre things I've seen in MMA, and it appears that not much has changed over the last four years. All kidding aside, I hope that Filho can clean himself up and lead a healthy life.

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