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UFC on Versus 6 Video: Shane Roller Talks About the Controversial Stoppage Against T.J. Grant

Photo by Tracy Lee for <a href="">Y! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Y! Sports

Luke Thomas of MMANation was on the Verizon Center in Washington DC for UFC on Versus 6, and he talked to Shane Roller moments after he lost his bout against T.J. Grant. The ending was a bit controversial as the referee stopped the fight without seeing Roller tap, and when asked about it, he says he didn't verbally tap either.

In case you missed the bout, here's a quick recap of the events which led to the controversial stoppage:

Roller working jabs early. Grant fires back with some of his own. Roller fakes a takedown and looks to come over the top. He can't land it. He ducks down and lands an uppercut. Grant comes forward with a combination and lands an uppercut of his own. Right hand lands. Elbows by Grant. Elbow by Roller. Roller drops and shoots a takedown. He drives forward and has Grant pushed against the fence. Grant drops for a guillotine. Grant switches to an armbar. The referee stopped the fight. I didn't see the tap. Hope he heard Roller verbally tap. I don't see it. 

Official Result: T.J. Grant by Submission (Referee Verbal Tap Out to an Armbar)