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New York Jets Call on Frankie Edgar for Inspiration Ahead of Monday Night Football

Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images
Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images
Getty Images

I'm a lifelong Buffal Bills fan, so writing an article about the New York Jets needing to look for inspiration is only fun for me because they need inspiration.

Still, the Jets are turning to Frankie Edgar to help motivate them to a win for a second time. The first was before week 11 last season, a game which the Jets won 30-27 over the Houston Texans. Now they're bringing Edgar back in ahead of tonight's Monday Night Football game against the Miami Dolphins.

MMA Fighting has a quote from Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez on Frankie's words the first time around:

"Perfect timing. Just talking about never giving up, being counted out, playing until the end, fighting and believing in yourself, believing in your team and the people around you. Those were the only people telling him he could win the fight. Everybody else counted him out. ... Perfect timing for Rex to bring somebody in like that and give us a little extra inspiration. So it was great for Frankie to come in."

Of course, the bigger factor in the Jets chances to get the win tonight is simply that the Dolphins aren't very good.