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Video: Kimbo Slice Scores One Punch Knockout in Second Boxing Match

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Kimbo Slice may (or may not) be done with MMA but he's finding success against the lowest level heavyweights boxing has to offer. Earlier in the week a press release came out to hype his most recent fight in which Gary Shaw Promotions talked abut Slice facing Ray Bledsoe. The man's name is Tay, not Ray.

Regardless, Tay Bledsoe entered the ring with a 2-3 record having won his first two bouts and then getting knocked out in 1:18 of the first round, 1:35 of the first round and 0:55 of the second round. Needless to say, this was not exactly a bout that many in the boxing world will be taking too seriously, regardless of what Jared Shaw might say.

Here's a clip of the fight, which consists of Slice scoring a knockout on the first punch he landed, a wide and wild overhand right (there's about 20 seconds of junk at the beginning of the video:

The other area that the Shaws seem to be focusing on aside from a tendency to get knocked out is finding small fighters to stand across the ring from Kimbo.

His first opponent, James Wade, weighed in at 205 pounds to Kimbo's 227 and Bledsoe was 209 to Kimbo's 244.

Yes, Kimbo weighed in at 244, close to 20 pounds higher than he has weighed in previously. He looks every pound of it in the video too, looking extremely soft for a guy known for his imposing physique.

Look, I don't want to sound like I'm ragging too hard on Kimbo. I like the guy and want him to get his money, I'm just not going to let Jared Shaw (and daddy) get away with pretending that they're moving him along to a title shot or any form of relevance in the heavyweight division.

He's being carefully matched in hopes that they can get him some TV slots and make a little money, a 37 year old fighting carefully handpicked bums who honestly belong (and have fought) at cruiserweight isn't some sign of Kimbo's long term legitimacy and meaning in the sport.

He's an attraction, not a champion. That's all there is to it. And if he doesn't watch his fitness level he won't even be an attraction unless he's looking to become the new king of the four rounders.