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Antonio McKee: 'I'd Like to Vote Dana White Out of the UFC'

Photo: Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Photo: Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Antonio McKee made a lot of noise about his place in the sport when the UFC wouldn't sign him despite going fifteen straight fights without a loss. He eventually got his chance only to drop a decision to Jacob Volkmann and get cut from the UFC roster.

Recently, McKee has been a very vocal critic of UFC president Dana White. In an interview with TapouT Radio, McKee continued his criticism (transcription via Crooklyn's Corner):

"I'm here for the sport. I've been getting a lot of static about the stuff I've been saying about the UFC, and how I've been blasting them, but, at the end of the day, everyone, whether they like me or dislike me, whether they are a UFC fan or not a UFC fan, one thing they will say, if they're honest, is that McKee is right. I've been bashing away at Dana White for the way he talks about fighters, calling them p*ssies, calling women c*nts, and F this and F that, calling unions a bunch of idiots. You're an icon of the sport. The last thing we need is an icon showing this type of behavior to people who are engaging in this sport and support it. We need somebody to step up, that has a little bit of integrity and a little bit of respect for fighters, whether they're good fighters or bad fighters, the fact that they're fighters, and just show a little bit more appreciation. I'd like to vote Dana White out of the UFC and bring in somebody that has a little bit more courtesy and common sense, because this guy's definitely smoking some dust."

Antonio went on to say that he understands being cut as it is a business, but didn't like that it was after a split decision that he felt he won.