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Gilbert Melendez Thinking About Eventual Jump to Welterweight

It would appear that Gilbert Melendez will be making the move to the UFC once he defends his Strikeforce lightweight championship against Jorge Masvidal. While there are plenty of intriguing fights for Melendez at 155, Gilbert is thinking about a big move down the road. That being an eventual long term goal of going up to Welterweight.

From the video:

"If things go well here, then I might go to 170 you know. Why not?

"I can fight at 170 pounds and I know I can beat some guys out there, but there are definitely plenty of challenges at 155 right now. But you know why not have goals in the long term to be one of the best in the world and go to three weight classes. Why not?

"I'm not trying to be arrogant; it's just that it's a dream. I'm allowed to dream a little bit and I'm allowed to work for it. So, that's what I mean by that."

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