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UFC's Dana White Has No Problem With Bellator...Yet

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Dana White is a ruthless competitor and that's certainly not a bad thing. The world of combat sports promotion has always been cutthroat and always will be. Dana and the rest of the management at the UFC are competitive and they've used that drive to become the big winners in the MMA field.

Dana talks about his feelings on competitors and why he has no beef with Bellator in this MMA Weekly video:

From the video:

"I've went after the promotions that come after me. When you come out and you talk a bunch of (expletive), talk about our company and how we're doing business, and how you're gonna take us down and you're gonna beat us; now you've picked a fight. And now we're gonna fight until somebody wins and somebody loses."


"The people from Bellator have never said anything about us. I have nothing to say about them either. They're out there. They're doing their thing. Good for them."

Some of us have long enough memories to remember when Dana said those same exact things about Strikeforce and how quickly that changed.

Sleep with one eye open, Bellator.