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The Ultimate Fighter 14: Team Bisping vs. Team Miller Live Discussion [Episode 4]

Fagan again is being a lazyass. I mean he's on vacation. So again, I'm bringing you the live discussion post. It's probably for the best anyways since he gets all his information for wikipedia while I use a much better source in Encyclopedia Dramatica. I'm not sure if there's any sports on television tonight and really I'm not even sure I'm gonna watch the episode. I have to pack for a wedding in NJ and that takes priority over the Ultimate Fighter. But whatever, here's the discussion post! 

So far this season it looks like Jason Miller made the correct decisions with his picks going 2-0 so far. This is surprising since both Michael Bisping and Dana White felt that team Bisping was the stronger squad. But as the bossman always says "styles make fights" and with Mayhem calling the shots, he's been on a bit of a winning streak. 

In the second episode of the season, Team Mayhem put all the tires used for training in Team Bisping's locker room. To get Mayhem back, Michael Bisping removed the tires from Jason Miller's car. There is also another sub-team forming, a throw back to the Team Dagger days. This one is called "Death Leprechaun" which is a terrible name for a fight team. With Marcus Brimage and Josh Ferguson eliminated and Jason Miller finding out there is a mole on his team, tonight's episode could be explosive. Or it could be anti-climatic. But I you'll watch and hangout with us anyways! 

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