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Chael Sonnen on Anderson Silva Challenge: 'If I Couldn't Bite, I Wouldn't Growl'

In the wake of Chael Sonnen's UFC 136 dominance of Brian Stann, he continues to prove what a little bit of media savvy can do. Frankie Edgar may have won the main event in a spectacular comeback, but it's Sonnen getting most of the attention since the event. And, before anyone tries to blame the media for making it such, traffic after the event clearly showed where public interest was.

In an interview with StudioMMA, Sonnen talks about his bout with Brian Stann, if he was serious about the leave the division/leave the UFC challenge laid out to Anderson Silva, and what he would do after winning the title:

On if he was serious about the challenge and leaving the UFC if he loses to Silva:

If I couldn't bite, I wouldn't growl.

The previous line about Nogueira and other fighters trying to "feed a carrot to a bus":

That was sad. That really happened. That was sad. That wasn't even all that happened. THey didn't just try to feed the bus a carrot. One of the tried to hook a rope to it. They were going to take it home like, as a pet or something and put it in their back yard. That really got weird.

What Chael would do after winning the title: could be a sweet and sour experience for me. I don't know. I know some other guys, some friends who went after olympic glory and they got their gold medal and they said it was one of the worst days of their life the next day. They said 'I don't know what to do, I spent my whole life trying to get this. I don't know what to do.' So maybe I need to start reworking my mind now preparing for that. But I've got tunnel vision. I'm after the belt, period. I'm not making any apologies or qualms about it.

And the rest of the cowards in the back that just want to get their face on TV but don't want to carry the heavy water? I got no time for those guys.

When asked if the "cowards" comment was directed at anyone specific:

All of 'em. Every damn one of 'em that isn't named Chael Sonnen is nothing but a coward.


When you're the greatest fighter in the world today they have a name for you. They don't call you a 'great fighter' they call you Chael Sonnen

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