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UFC on Versus 6 Results: Stefan Struve Submits Pat Barry With Beautiful Triangle Choke

Photo by Tracy Lee for <a href="">Y! Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee for Y! Sports

Stefan Struve managed to pick up a beatiful triangle choke submission win over Pat Barry  midway through the second round of their UFC on Versus 6 co-main event bout. The fight started slow but finally picked up early in the second, with Barry landing some leg kicks and finally finding Struve's chin. But Struve finally got close enough to get Barry to the ground, and it was over not long after that despite a huge Pat Barry slam.

Both fighters came out a bit tentative. Each fighter threw a couple of kicks. Things were so slow that referee Dan Mirgliotta actually asked for action about halfway through the round. The crowd started to boo as Barry continued to land inside leg kicks while Struve looked for teeps. Barry had a tough time closing the distance. Struve ended the round with a nice head kick and Barry tried some sort of flying kick that was nowhere near connecting.

Struve opened the second with a few kicks, and Barry finally landed a shot to Struve's chin. Barry threw a head kick that actually got up there in the vicinity of his head. Both fighters started to open up a little more. Barry landed a couple of good shots, but Struve opened up with punches and locked on a standing D'Arce choked. He flipped Barry to the ground and ended up on the bottom, but he spun to guard and immediately locked on a triangle. Barry went for a Rampage-style slam, but Struve used his elbow to block the fall and kept the triangle on. Barry had no choice but to tap.

Struve and Barry had engaged in a lot of humorous debate leading up to the fight, mostly surrounded in the difference in height between the two combatants. Barry was coming off a KO loss in one of the most exciting bouts of 2011 against Cheick Kongo at UFC on Versus 4, while Struve also knocked out in his last fight, by Travis Browne at UFC 130.

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