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Pat Miletich, Michael David Smith Spar Over Strikeforce Commentary

Yesterday AOL FanHouse writer Michael David Smith posted an article criticizing Showtime commentator and former UFC welterweight champion Pat Miletich for being a "shill" for Strikeforce. Smith was clear, though: he respects Miletich and says when he's not shilling, is an excellent commentator. I generally agree with Smith, but I'd like to see this kind of criticism spread to the UFC and other promotions when it's obviously merited. Strikeforce takes the brunt of the criticism, largely unfair.

I've left out a few of the Tweets to preserve real estate on this site, but here's how the conversation generally unfolded:

I've never understood why having an opinion and debating topics in MMA is such a taboo exercise. I get that MMA is a "small town", but in order to further the sport and promote understanding, folks must be able to air their differences. I applaud both Smith and Miletich for pushing back on each other's ideas. I just hope the free exercise of dialogue can take place without vitriol, suspicion or utter disdain for our interlocutors.

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