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Jon Jones: Thiago Silva Slapping Brandon Vera "Was So Disrespectful"

via James Law for <a href="" target="new">FanHouse </a>
via James Law for FanHouse

Jon Jones tweets and talks to MMA Fighting:

Wow that slapping was so disrespectful.. id love to give him a slap in the face
"It kind of bugged me, only because we all fight, and just losing alone is humiliating enough. It's embarrassing. ... Think about all the people who watched those fights. All (Brandon Vera) fans, all the members at his school, all the kids that look up to him. Man, it just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. It's not something I would ever want done to me and it's not something I would ever do to someone else. ... There's ways of looking for an opening besides playing pattycake on a guy's back."


It could have been worse.

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