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2010 Bloody Elbow Reader Awards: Commentator of the Year

Photo by Esther Lin of <a href="">All Elbows</a>
Photo by Esther Lin of All Elbows

Joe Rogan

Last year, I predicted Michael Schiavello would finally give Joe Rogan a viable opponent in the Reader Awards. Instead, Rogan increased the gap between the two in 2010. If you've been following, I'm often highly critical of Rogan's work on UFC telecasts. Admittedly, I'm harder on Rogan than anyone else, and I think that's part of the game when you're one-half of the broadcasting team for the largest entity in the sport.

Fans, rightly, love Rogan because he's the epitome of the fan in the broadcasting booth. You can tell he loves the sport. He gets amped up for big fights. He's not afraid to voice his opinion about a referee's mistake or a bad judging decision. He understands the action in the ring, and can relay information to lay folks at home. He's not perfect, but for most people, he doesn't have to be.

Full results after the jump.


Commentator of the Year Voting
1st 2nd 3rd Total
Joe Rogan 27 8 5 164
Michael Schiavello 11 11 4 92
Pat Miletich 6 8 7 61
Don Frye 3 3 3 27
Mike Goldberg 1 3 4 18
Bas Rutten 2 2 1 17
Kenny Florian 2 1 7
Jimmy Smith 2 1 7
Stephen Quadros 2 6
Frank Trigg 1 2 5
Mauro Ranallo 2 2
Frank Mir 2 2
Frank Shamrock 1 1
Gus Johnson 1 1
Stephan Bonnar 1 1
Sean Wheelock 1 1

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