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UFC 126: Vitor Belfort Talks Anderson Silva - "A Lion Facing a Lion"

"My plan is to go in there to fight; I'm not going to be dancing around."

"With two champions in the ring, anything can happen. Anderson is an expert on the (feet), with kicks and knees and elbows and I respect that; but I'm not afraid of it. I think every day that I'm going to win the fight; I'm going to push the pace. I'm going to look for the opening, look for the gap ...I have to look in his eyes and know I'm going to beat him."

"He's the champion and I'm the challenger, so it's going to be a lion facing a lion. It's going to be a great, great fight. I'm about to accomplish my journey. In the name of Jesus, I'm going to leave there with a victory, for sure."


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