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Strikeforce Results With Josh Gross, Manny Pacquiao to Showtime PPV With Steve Kim on MMA Nation

While waiting for one of the best overall UFC cards in quite some time (hint: UFC 126), we decided to talk about some of the other news in combat sports. Our two guests this week were Josh Gross from and Steve Kim from Gross helped us recap the results from Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg and Kim explained Manny Pacquiao's move from HBO PPV to Showtime PPV.

We opened the show with talk of Nick Diaz's fight with Evangelista Cyborg Santos (and why Cyborg is probably the best bar fighter ever), Herschel Walker's participation in MMA and whether Nick Diaz is ranked too highly:

Then came some listener calls. Specifically and unexpectedly, Dave Ross, local DC sportscaster for Fox 5 News, called the show and praised Herschel Walker. He also discussed boxing's Bradley vs. Alexander fight and much more:

We then caught up with's Josh Gross. Gross graded the overall Strikeforce show, praised the performance of Roger Gracie, was generally positive about Herschel Walker's participation, argued Robbie Lawler can still develop his skills and thinks Nick Diaz will be in trouble against Paul Daley if the Stockton native fights the Brit how he fought Santos that evening:

We switched gears a little and had Steve Kim from on the show. Steve explained his beef with promoter Gary Shaw, why Manny Pacquiao left HBO for Showtime, what's wrong with HBO and if the sweet science will ever return to network television:

We finally took a few more listener calls. Folks appeared to be more defensive of Nick Diaz's ability, were positive of the Strikeforce show overall and appeared to not be as pleased as others about the inclusion of Herschel Walker:

Last, but certainly not least, Othello and I wrapped the show talking about our impending trip to New Jersey to cover the first stage of Strikeforce's heavyweight Grand Prix:

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