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UFC 125 Results: Clay Guida Discusses Keys to Victory Over Takanori Gomi

In this video with (still cam would help, fellas), UFC lightweight Clay Guida explains how he beat Takanori Gomi at UFC 125. What stood out for me was the "cleanliness" of Greg Jackson's game plan. My sense is that he took what Guida was naturally predisposed to do and already doing in fights, but refined the technique and repurposed the use. I've always felt Guida's movement was certainly helpful, but not necessarily part of a larger attacking system.

I think any talk of Guida challenging for a title is not really worth discussion (certainly not now), but Guida's carved out a nice niche for himself. He wins competitive fights and when he doesn't, his fights are nevertheless entertaining. His blue collar background and identity mesh perfectly with his fan-friendly fighting style. For a fighter who is likely to never wear UFC championship gold, this is the next best thing. That's one hell of a win and he's one hell of a commodity for the UFC.