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Nick Diaz Finishes Evangelista Cyborg In a Beautiful Brawl

Nick Diaz def. Evangelista Santos by Submission (Armbar) - photo by Scott Peterson, <a href="" target="new"></a>
Nick Diaz def. Evangelista Santos by Submission (Armbar) - photo by Scott Peterson,

Strikeforce welterweight champ forced Evangelista Santos aka "Cyborg"to tap from an arm bar in the third round of their Showtime bout.

The two traded blows for most of the fight with many intense exchanges and both men scoring hard shots.

The CompuStrike stats said it all: "Diaz landed 66 of 129 arm strikes. Cyborg landed 34 of 46 leg strikes."

There was no smack talk before the fight but there was not glove tap either.

Cyborg came out kicking, landing to the legs and missing to the head. Cyborg scored with hard leg kicks that forced Diaz to close the distance. Diaz landed some punches and then forced it to the cage. When they separated Diaz landed a jab. But Cyborg continued to land leg kicks and followed them up with punches. Diaz landed a triple jab but ate a hard right. More leg kicks from Cyborg. Another almost chopped Diaz down. Cyborg landed a combination of hooks. Diaz the n fired off a flurry of punches and began to hurt Cyborg, backing him into the cage. Diaz then unloaded with more power punches as Cyborg looked exhausted. Body punches from Diaz. Cyborg hung on to survive the round.

Nick Diaz opened it up talking shit. Cyborg landed the first blows with leg kicks. Diaz started to land punches but Cyborg landed some hard leg kicks including to the back leg. Diaz used the ropa dope and let Cyborg fire to the body then he opened up. Cyborg landed a standing elbow and Diaz replied in kind. More leg kicks from Cyborg. Diaz with more jabs. Cyborg tried for the Thai plum, settled for a leg kick. 1-2 from Diaz. Cyborg countered with a hook. More great trades with Diaz coming out ahead. Knee from Cyborg. Diaz closing range and taunting him by dropping his hands. Diaz fired and scored with 3 punch combo, then a 4 punch. Cyborg answers with a combo of his own. Santos got a take down and Diaz immediately attacked the arm and rolled Cyborg to his back and got the tap out with only seconds left in the round.