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Diaz vs Cyborg Results: Herschel Walker Pummels Scott Carson

photo by Scott Peterson, <a href="" target="new"></a>
photo by Scott Peterson,

A much improved 48 year old Herschel Walker beat up and finished Scott Carson by 3:13 of the first round at Strikeforce's Diaz vs Cyborg on Showtime.

Most impressively, Walker was actually fun to watch as he showed striking, wrestling and submission defense in the fight.

Walker dropped Carson immediately with a sharp punch. On the ground Carson immediately went for submissions, attacking Walker's arm and legs. But Walker escaped danger and proceeded to get Carson's back and punch away as Carson turtled up. Walker slammed Carwon when he tried to escape but on his next try Carson got back to his feet and Walker attacked with a series of uppercuts and hooks that forced the ref to rescue Carson.

Walker is now 2-0 in MMA. In his first fight he dominated the hapless Greg Nagy in January of 2010.