Out With A Whimper: Tim Sylvia

Tim Sylvia's career is over. There is no chance he gets a sniff of another fight in the UFC. He came into his fight with Abe Wagner weighing a festively plump 311 pounds. This is not the behavior of a man who wants to get back to the big show.

Tim has crept into the same category as Ken Shamrock at this stage of the game. He is clearly taking fights for a paycheck and nothing else. Seeing Big Tim get toppled like a defective weeble by the likes of Ray Mercer and now Abe Wagner is equally as sad as watching The World's Most Dangerous Man get brutalized by Pedro Rizzo in Australia.

Some of you may be thinking that since Karo got another shot in the UFC that maybe just maybe Tim may somehow trip, fall and land on a prelim fight against the re-incarnation of TODDDUFFEE but I really doubt it. I mean, can you name a single UFC Heavyweight that should be an underdog to Tim? Jon Madsen would destroy him....Hell, Mike Russow probably has a damn good shot.

All of this is irrelevant, however, because Tim either cannot or will not bother making the Heavyweight limit of 265. When a former star, a 2x UFC World Champion cannot win fights on regional cards OR make weight there is no hope.

It is a sad thing to see happen to someone with such great physical tools. Even with all the things he accomplished I can't help but wonder what could have been for The Maine-iac.

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