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Bloody Wraps - January 27: Cyborg Santos' Title Shot, New MMA Rankings and More


Busy, busy day around Bloody Elbow as we head toward Saturday's Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg event.

- Kid Nate took a look at Evangelista Santos and it served as an opportunity to remind everyone of who Cyborg is. But it just wouldn't be the internet if I didn't pick out a single sentence to argue about, so let's go with Nate saying "I don't think Cyborg really merits a title shot but I can't wait to see the fight." Given that Paul Daley wasn't going to be ready to go for this show I've yet to hear anyone give a better option for who Diaz should be facing. Should the welterweight champ and one of Strikeforce's biggest draws sit on the sidelines until Daley is ready and there is an open slot on a card? And don't give me "he should be in the UFC." He isn't, so lets deal in reality for a bit. If you're going to complain about Santos getting the shot I want a better option named that is also realistic.

The latest edition of the USA TODAY / SB Nation Consensus Rankings were released, providing everyone with an opportunity to get into the monthly argument about ranking methodology and cry for a fighter to be 2 spots higher than he currently is.

- Paulo Thiago is off UFC on Versus 3 with an elbow injury. That's a huge drag given how badly I wanted to see Thiago have to deal with a grind-y wrestler like Johny Hendricks given the way Diego Sanchez wore him down last time out.

- It looks like we may finally get some closure on the UFC 123 timekeeper controversy. Being a Michigan resident it's comforting to know that they're taking MMA regulation seriously enough to really follow through on something that some commissions would gloss over as "only eight seconds." Moves like this should see a return to the Detroit area somewhere down the road. Now, if I could only figure out a way to get involved with the commission to help them step up their enforcement of regulation on the promotions claiming amateur status while using pro fighters.

- In "stuff you already knew" news: Tim Hague was determined to not be a UFC caliber fighter and released from his contract...again.

- Leland Roling did his fight previews for Roger Gracie vs. Trevor Prangley and Herschel Walker vs. Scott Carson.

- Jonathan Snowden spoke to Jason High before his Friday night bout with Rudy Bears. Turns out that High got upset that people picked Andre Galvao to submit him.

- Brock Lesnar's face showed up a lot later in the day as an interview of Lesnar at TUF media day was featured, Mike Fagan talked about the speculation regarding Brock's career, and Nate asked if the UFC truly has the top heavyweights in the game. I miss the beard.

- Oh, and nevermind the "he's coming back" talk. Tim Sylvia is still fat.

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