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UFC 126: Ryan Bader Prepares for Jon Jones's Reach Advantage

"I have a unique opponent this time. My last fight, I fought a top five in the world, ended up beating him and that was a good feat for me, good accomplishment."

"Now I move on to the next level guy who's very dynamic. He's unorthodox. He has the longest reach in the whole UFC, even out of the heavyweights. So he poses different threats to me. Very long, he has different kind of striking techniques."

"So we bring in people to try to emulate him. We have to try to implement my game plan and go in there and do what I want to do."
Jon Jones 84.5 in.
Stefan Struve: 84 in.
Brock Lesnar: 81 in.
Ryan Bader: 74 in.