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UFC 126 Conference Call Audio

Vitor Belfort:
"The past five years I’ve been training, four years, I think, I’ve been training at Xtreme Couture and I feel good over there. I have good trainers. When Tompkins left there we tried to work together, but he’s doing his thing. Nothing has changed in my training. I’m very happy. It was just a business decision. That’s what it was. Nothing personal."
Rich Franklin:
Forrest Griffin:
"For me, being off for a year, that's huge. It's a weird feeling, I'm a little more nervous than usual. During this year I've had spurts of really good training when I thought I was going to fight. The big thing is going to be that first minute, and making that adjustment, getting back in there. This is the most ring rust I've ever had. I'm not excited about it."