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Herschel Walker NFL Talk Doesn't Even Get Strikeforce in the Story

Herschel Walker brings one huge asset to Strikeforce -- his ability to garner mainstream media attention. He hit a rich vein today by hinting he wanted to come back to the NFL:

Herschel Walker says he's thinking about making a football comeback. At age 48. After not playing for 13 years.

"I want to be the George Foreman of football," Walker said during a conference call promoting a Mixed Martial Arts event in which he'll participate.

Notice anything missing from that quote? Unfortunately for Herschel and Strikeforce the name of the promotion isn't even notable enough for the Sporting News to report.

[UPDATE] - Of course that's better than what the Dallas Morning News reported: (HT: BE reader nottheface)

"I've told everyone that at 50 I might try football again to show people I can do that," Walker said on Monday during a conference call to promote his upcoming UFC fight. "I want to be the George Foreman of football, come back and do that one more time."

Of course other major sports outlets that have dedicated MMA writers covered the event properly and named Strikeforce, most notably ESPNand SI. (HT BE reader Fitefan)

But it's more revealing that the non-MMA writers don't know UFC from MMA.


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