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UFC 'Fight For The Troops 2' Results: Dunham vs. Guillard Recap and Analysis

Mitrione impresses with a first round TKO, photo by Tracey Lee for <a href="" target="new">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Mitrione impresses with a first round TKO, photo by Tracey Lee for Yahoo! Sports

I'm not sure what to think about this show. I know it was meant as a glorified infomercial for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and it definitely accomplished that goal. As a fight card, I don't have many strong feelings. The main event was the only interesting and relevant fight on the card, and Melvin Guillard emerged as a legitimate contender in 2011. It was also nice to see Mark Hominick fulfill his destiny as the next challenger for Jose Aldo. Everything else though? It provided a solid night of entertainment for enlisted military personnel, but I'm not sure it meant much for fight fans.

  • It looked like Guillard hurt Dunham pretty bad with that first big right hand early in the fight. Sometimes that's enough to set the tone for the rest of the fight. It happened at UFC 116 when George Sotiropoulos hurt Kurt Pellegrino early, and Pellegrino didn't recover until late in the third round.
  • Can we finally put the "Greg Jackson fighters are boring" meme to a rest?
  • I still think it's too little, too late for Matt Mitrione, especially without any sort of wrestling background, but watching him pounce on Tim Hague showed a lot of natural fight instincts. The guy has some creepy charisma about him, too.
  • I'm interested in watching Mark Hominick fight Jose Aldo, even if I think Aldo wafflestomps him.
  • Josh Gross described the fight between Pat Barry and Joey Beltran as a "strong effort from both fighters." I saw it as Barry continuing on a path of underwhelming performances. Barry was expected to run over Beltran. Instead, Beltran controlled large portions of the fight and was able to land on Barry with wild flurries. Barry is an extremely likable personality, but he's going to have to start beating guys like Beltran emphatically.
  • Cole Miller can take a goddamn beating.
  • Other than a couple minutes in round two, Yves Edwards made my prefight prediction look like the amateur hour at a rural strip club. Cody McKenzie was game tonight, but Edwards showed off the very large discrepancy in standup skills. 
  • Mike Guymon tapped out due to a body triangle. (Or an injury as a result of said body triangle.) I guess that gives Joe Rogan another name to use next to Ivan Salaverry.
  • It's going to be very interesting to see how Zuffa handles Mike Brown. I haven't watched the Diego Nunes fight yet, but I've heard it was a close and controversial decision (TM Joe Rogan). So, you can't cut him some slack, but tonight's performance against Rani Yahya was not particularly inspiring. Against a fighter with a one-dimensional game, Brown continually was sucked into grappling with Yahya. 
  • Waylon Lowe defeated Willamy Friere by decision. Yep.
  • I thought the Facebook stream looked marvelous tonight. I heard of a couple of negative experiences on Twitter, but they seem to be isolated. My stream never wavered, and the resolution was superb in full screen mode. It's interesting that the UFC decided to add in another two prelims at the last minute. I'm curious what was the impetus for that. I'm sure the four fighters involved would have loved to have had more time to find some interested sponsorship deals, too.