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UFC Fight for the Troops 2 Results: Matt Mitrione Blasts Tim Hague

Matt Mitrione def. Tim Hague via TKO, photo by Tracey Lee for <a href="" target="new">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Matt Mitrione def. Tim Hague via TKO, photo by Tracey Lee for Yahoo! Sports

NFL and The Ultimate Fighter veteran Matt Mitrione took a technical knock out win over Tim Hague at 2:09 of the first round at UFC Fight for the Troops 2. 

Hague showed some unusual head movement early on. Mitrione opened with a hard inside leg kick  or two. Then fired off some combination punches. Hague fired some kicks of his own but landed nothing. Hague then caught a leg kick and went for a single leg. Mitrione pushed Hague to the ground but Hague got back up quickly only to eat a combination of punches. Mitrione dropped Hague then quickly finished him with punches from the top. "I wanted to be a 260-lb. Dominick Cruz," Mitrione said after the fight. Cruz is the 135lb bantamweight champion known for his awkward movement.

"I want to get tested. I want to fight. I want to get that piece of gold," Mitrione continued.

Mitrione got his UFC opportunity via a season on The Ultimate Fighter. He's 3-0 including a win over Kimbo Slice, since making his debut in the big show. Hague owns a a win over Pat Barry but is probably best known for being on the wrong end of one of the UFC's quickest KO's. Todd Duffee finished Hague in seven seconds.


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