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UFC Fight for the Troops 2 Results: Matt Wiman Beats Up Cole Miller

Matt Wiman def. Cole Miller via unanimous decision, photo by Tracey Lee for <a href="" target="new">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Matt Wiman def. Cole Miller via unanimous decision, photo by Tracey Lee for Yahoo! Sports

Matt Wiman called his fight against Cole Miller, "human dogfighting" and he came out and showed it in an impressive performance at UFC Fight for the Troops 2. Wiman picked up his third straight win in the UFC's lightweight division, taking a unanimous decision over Cole Miller. 

Wiman also used several of the signature move of MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba as he assaulted a prone Miller from top position including double hammer strikes and cartwheel guard passes. 

Wiman declined to touch gloves with his former cast mate. Miller used his reach to score with punches before Wiman got a take down and spent the remainder of the round landing from the top. 

In the second Wiman caught a knee and threw Miller down like a prom date. Miller took his licks and fought back to his feet. Wiman then landed a knee of his own and dropped Miller. On the ground he pounded away with an entertaining series of strikes, including a Sakuraba-style double hammer fists, elbows and straight punches. The gritty Miller took his beating and survived the round. 

Miller talked some trash at the beginning of the third. Wiman opened the action however. Miller landed some counter strikes in the tough exchanges. Wiman then got Miller in a guillotine and worked for the choke from top position. Wiman had to give it up briefly but regained it while holding top position despite a series of sweep attempts from Miller. Wiman then stood and landed another series of strikes from top position. Wiman even tried a cartwheel guard pass that didn't work but did start a scramble that ended with him taking Miller's back. 

The two veterans of the Ultimate Fighter have both proven they belong in the world's top MMA promotion. Miller going 8-2 and Wiman 6-3.


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