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UFC Results: Waylon Lowe Decisions Willamy Freire in First Facebook Prelim

Waylon Lowe def. Willamy Freire via unanimous decision, photo by Tracey Lee for <a href="" target="new">Yahoo! Sports</a>
Waylon Lowe def. Willamy Freire via unanimous decision, photo by Tracey Lee for Yahoo! Sports

At UFC Fight for the Troops, Waylon Lowe decided to play to his strengths immediately, namely, with wrestling. His first offensive maneuver was a blast double that planted his Brazilian opponent Willamy Freire on his back and being ground against the fence. At roughly the halfway mark of the first round, Freire attempted a kimura on Lowe's right side and was able to achieve wrist-on-wrist grip. Strangely, and much to commentator Joe Rogan's disapproval, referee Dan Miragliotta stood the fighters up. Lowe, however, was able to put Freire back on the ground, this time with a blasting right hook. without much extra save Lowe passing to half guard, the round ended there.

Round two didn't start much more in Freire's favor. Lowe blasted Freire with a one-two combination and launched immediately into another double. Freire managed to stay on his feet and began to work from the clinch. Lowe was able to take Freire to the ground, but almost got himself caught in a triangle. Lowe, however, was able to slam his way out of it and resume his top control game. With roughly a minute left in the round, referee Miragliotta stood the two back up. Freire was able to land several inside low kicks on Lowe's lead leg, but not before Lowe rocked Freire with another punch and took him back to the ground.

The third round didn't open with a bang as Lowe looked much more fatigued. Lowe attempted a double, but had it stuffed. Strangely, after Lowe attempted another single and had it stuffed he ended up on his knees. Freire reared back to throw a knee before realizing it was illegal. Lowe stayed on his knees while Freire watched him until Lowe exploded into another takedown attempt, but the balance of Freire allowed him to reverse him and land in mount. Lowe was able to recover half guard, though, and even return to his feet, but not before taking a sustained minute of ground and pound. Freire attempted another kimura, but could do nothing with it.

The judges score the bout 29-28. The winner is Waylon Lowe.


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