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UFC's Roy Nelson: 'I Think Brock Lesnar Is Done'

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

This post is by Duane Finley but he is traveling and unable to post himself.

"I think Brock Lesnar is done," Nelson said. "I think Brock doing TUF is one way to basically take a situation and make it win-win for him. I think Lesnar doing the show is a way to introduce Junior Dos Santos to the American fan base in the way the show does. TUF introduces "stars in the making" to the casual UFC fan and while JDS is the number one contender he still needs some help with the American fan base. So the conspiracy basically comes down to the fact that Shane Carwin has no one to fight in June. I think Brock Lesnar will walk off the TUF set and then Carwin will take his spot or Frank Mir will come in to "save the day" and fight JDS for title contention. The reason I believe Frank would be the guy is because Mir is coming off a win and I was already supposed to fight Shane so fans were already hyped to see it. Or Carwin could move in to face JDS and I could still face Frank but it doesn't really matter to me as to who fights who because all that really matters is the fans want to see me fight somebody. A lot of things could happen over the next six weeks but it seems a bit off that Carwin doesn't have an opponent right now and all of the top heavyweights are spoken for."

Nelson continued, "As for the other rumor or "story" that has been floating around out there saying that I turned down a fight with Shane Carwin...that isn't true. I was never offered the Carwin fight after UFC 125 but it's like I always say if you want to know the truth about me go to and joing The Country Club or follow me @RoyNelsonmma."

UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson spoke to Bloody Elbow's Duane Finley about his conspiracy theory regarding the recent announcement of the next TUF coaches. Nelson, who is rumored to be fighting at UFC 130 in May, finds it strange that Shane Carwin's next bout has been announced but an opponent is yet to be named. The entire heavyweight divisional structure has been turned on its side as bouts between Nelson and Carwin in addition to Dos Santos and champion Cain Velasquez have all been scratched due to fighter injury. Dos Santos made it clear to the UFC that he was not willing to wait around for Velasquez to recover from surgery. In turn the UFC apparently found a way to convince recently dethroned and famously reclusive Lesnar into not only taking the Dos Santos fight, but agreeing to be filmed for six weeks in Las Vegas.


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