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Nick Diaz Explodes on Jason Miller, Josh Koscheck, and Georges St. Pierre

Photo by Dave Mandel for <a href="">Sherdog</a>
Photo by Dave Mandel for Sherdog

There are few things in MMA more interesting than Nick Diaz dealing with reporters. Diaz, living up to his reputation, showed up ten minutes late to today's Strikeforce conference call, which had been scheduled at 11 a.m. PT. For the better part of thirty minutes, Diaz provided lazy answers to questions about his penchant for organic and vegan food, triathlons, and his upcoming opponent Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos.

That was until the Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Georges St. Pierre were brought up.

It started innocently enough. Diaz explained that he has no problems moving up to take fights at 185 pounds; he just wants significant compensation for doing so. That led Diaz to the topic of Miller, and the proverbial gloves were off.

Diaz reiterated that he had no issues moving up in weight to fight Miller, but would need additional compensation for compromising plans to compete in triathlons later in the year. He added that if Miller wants the fight so bad, he should put in the work to drop to "170 or 175 pounds" or for Strikeforce to pay him "a couple f***ing million dollars."

As if things weren't interesting enough, things then took a strange turn. Diaz, apparently addressing the media, let everyone know, "I'm over here driving a f***ing Honda because my shit's breaking down. F*** all you, mother f******."

Then Diaz turned his attention to Josh Koscheck. Diaz accused the UFC of feeding Koscheck a line of tailor-made opponents, while he received tough fights from the day he first stepped into the Octagon at 20 years of age. Diaz told an anecdote about cornering someone against Koscheck. "We got this guy who doesn't even fight. He drinks in a bar. And we took him to fight Josh Koscheck."

Brian Hemminger of the Toledo MMA Examiner closed the call by pressing Diaz about why he continually calls out fighters like GSP who are outside the Strikeforce fold. A shaky phone connection cut out most of Diaz's rant, but he was heard to say, "People think GSP is better than me. It's bulls***. He just fought Josh Koscheck. I just told you about him."

Diaz continued on this path despite the media community being unable to decipher his ramblings. Finally, conference call host John Beyrooty cut off Diaz saying, "Nick, it's clear you'll fight anyone, anytime. It's a shame you're not in the heavyweight tournament."

A shame indeed.