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Kimbo Slice Booked for an IGF Pro Wrestling Bout in Japan

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Antonio Inoki is brining Kimbo Slice to Japan -- <em>Image via <a href="">sportsnavi</a></em>
Antonio Inoki is brining Kimbo Slice to Japan -- Image via sportsnavi

Shortly after being released from the UFC, it was announced that Kimbo Slice will be crossing over to boxing. That hasn't gone so well though cause a few months later, Gary Shaw mentioned that Kimbo's debut has been pushed back sometime in 2011 because he can't seem to stay focused on it. So what's next for the career of the most watched fighter in MMA?

Pro Wrestling. Today, it was officially announced that the next step for the former YouTube sensation is to take on sumo wrestler, Shinichi Suzukawa, in an "IGF championship" tournament bout. Antonio Inoki's pro wrestling event happens on February 5th, and will also be featuring Strikeforce heavyweight contender, Josh Barnett.

Even if boxing's heavyweight division has been paper thin lately, I have never been too high of Slice's chances on that sport. I have always thought that since Kimbo's talents aren't exactly proportional with his popularity, the better move for him was to maximize his star-power and get relatively easy cash in freakshow special attraction bouts in Japan. Kimbo has the potential to be an even bigger star on that country, and while I'd rather see him in MMA bouts against guys like Minowaman, this pro wrestling stint could be the start of Bob Sapp version 2.