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UFC 126: Vitor Belfort Says Anderson Silva "Better Be Ready"

"Fighting for the belt makes no difference. You’re seeking the upper echelon of the sport. What’s important is to stay focused on training and on what you need to fulfill, your objective. I came to Vegas for the structure. There’s greater investment in the sport here. So many times in Brazil I’ve lacked training partners. I feel Brazil is still far behind the USA as far as that goes."

"Training is the hardest part of a competition. For as long as I’ve been away injured, I believe my training will overcome the down time. I imagine that to be the source of athletes’ riches."

"And as far as the fight itself goes, as everyone may imagine, the action seems guaranteed. I’m going to give it my best, regardless of (Anderson) Silva’s expectations. I’m going to give it 100%, so he’d better be ready."
-- Vitor Belfort talks to (translated by


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