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Georges St. Pierre's RUSHFIT: An Adventure in Pain

If you can judge a man by his demeanor during the filming of a fitness video (and what better way is there to judge anyone), Georges St. Pierre is a heck of a good guy. Don't get me wrong, I hate your standard workout diva. Male or female, they are all the same. While I'm considering my best suicide options, focused solely on how much my body hurts, they sit there with that smile plastered on their botoxed face. That smile. Unusually white teeth shining, they are just rubbing it in the customer's face. You, the fat loser who can't even touch his toes, may feel like Gary Busey on one of his bad days. But me? Me the exercise professional? I'm here yucking it up. I don't even feel a tingle yet, let alone a burn.

There's none of that with Georges St. Pierre. Georges grimaces throughout the RUSHFIT videos. Like everyone at home he cheats now and again. He's not good at some of the exercises. Sometimes the trainer will yell at him to work a little harder. It's very comforting. When trainer Eric Owings asks him how he feels, Georges is open and honest. "I feel hooorreeeble," the world champion will say in his accented English. I feel a camaraderie with Georges St. Pierre now. I too have been put to the RUSHFIT test. I have felt Georges's pain.

Starting the second week, things were going well. I felt great, energized and healthy. There was a slight problem though. I don't know how to put it delicately, so I won't even try. It felt like my a**hole hurt. The top of the crack? Yeah, excruciating. My wife assured me that, in the immortal words of LL Cool J, "my lower back is killing me" not my butt. Taking her word for it, I applied some heat and by the next day I was up and moving. I never missed a workout because that's how champions roll.

The effects of the workout and diet are already being seen. I've lost five pounds and my arms are, if not hard as rocks, at least as hard as an unripe peach. At the end of week two, RUSHFIT is doing exactly what it promised. I'm a quarter of the way through the first eight weeks and I haven't quit yet. Ask any of my employers - that's an amazing thing. I'm sold that it's working, it's fun, and I'm in it for the long haul. Or at least until next week. Check in next Friday for my third installment.

The people at RUSHFIT provided this program to me free of cost. It is a blessing and a curse. Thank you. RUSHFIT is an advertiser on Bloody Elbow.

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